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Address:Unit 809, Huijin Huli BLDG, No.966-968 Anling Road, Xiamen, China 361009

Factory Address: Unit B308, Lingyun Yushi Building,No.652 Hu'an Road,Hi-tech Park,Huli District,Xiamen, China 362235

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Xiamen Thinkrock Stone Import & Export Co.,Ltd


Xiamen Thinkrock Lightweight Panels Co.,Ltd. is a privately held Thinkrock Group and has manufactured honeycomb panels since 2013. Our honeycomb panels are now being used in countless commercial applications where strength, flatness and lightweight is needed. In order to extend the application of stone on facade and ceiling, we composite natural stone and honeycomb panel to achieve what the architect desires. With Thinkrock Lightweight Panels honeycomb panel technology, we are able to offer custom solutions for your project.


Our staff have over 10 years of experience in Honeycomb, composite and sandwich panel manufacturing. We are dedicated in driving our company to take advantage of our technical expertise, coupled with cutting edge manufacturing technologies, to offer our customers the highest quality products, cost savings and reduced lead times.


Thinkrock Lightweight Panel is a leader in lightweight and high-strength products. We are poised to be at the center of innovative solutions to complex changes and in energy and green products for the global environment. we performed with the most modern facilities, in compliance with the highest industrial standards and SGS

testing, strict QA system. All our products were tested by SGS Lab. Our strict QA system control all the products under the standard, we use PU glue as adhesive which is from famous international company to guarantee and products’ life.


Please feel free to visit our factory to learn more about our process, meet our staff and learn how we can assist in making your project a success. Our talented team of professionals is ready to serve you.


Our Prodects get SGS Reports, please contact us for reference.