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Bianco Carrara Veneto Composite Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Bianco Carrara Veneto Composite Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

This stone composite aluminum honeycomb panel is faced with a thin Bianco Carrara Veneto, which is featured with beautiful white flower grains. The pure natural elegance adds an intriguing element to the stone product. Apart from the charming face, this panel is endowed with high strength of aluminum honeycomb structure. It is recommended to be applied in building constructions with requirements for light weight and good strength.

Product Details

Bianco Carrara Veneto aluminum honeycomb composite panel consists of an ultra-thin natural stone veneer (3mm-8mm) and an aluminum honeycomb panel, tightly bounded together by highly adhesive film. This product maintains the beauty of natural stone while overcome their disadvantages of fragility and heavy weight. Puts an aluminum sheet between the stone veneer and aluminum honeycomb so that the products have good impact resistance and flexural strength.

Basic information

Model Number: TRMA015

Stone type: Marble

Product name: Bianco Carrara VenetoPlace of origin: China

Color: White

Texture: White flower grains

Certificates: CE, SGS

Trademark: ThinkRock


Stone thickness: 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, etc.

Width: 300mm-1200mm

Length: 300mm-2000mm

Stone surface treatment: Polished, brushed, chiselled, honed, flamed, etc.

Honeycomb core cell size: 6.3mm

Honeycomb Panel: 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm

Overall Panel Thickness: 25mm or customized

Weight: 20kg/M2

Product picture

Bianco Veneto Composite Aluminum Honeycomb Panel.jpg


- light weight, standard stone marble honeycomb panel weighs 16kg per square meter, which is 1/5 that of the pure stone panel.

- high intensity and high capability of anti-strike;

- good performance in sound attenuation and heat insulation;

- lower burden to the building, increase buildings life span;

- good weather and corrosion resistance;

- can be made to flat shape, arc shape and sphere shape;

- easy to be installed and maintained;

- environmentally friendly, can be recycled.

Quality control

Panel thickness tolerance


Panel width tolerance+/-2mm
Panel length tolerance


Panel diagonal tolerance


Aluminum sheet thickness tolerance


Packaging & delivery

Packaging details

Padded with foamed plastics and packed in seaworthy wooden crates.
Delivery timeAs per quantity, material and other customized requirements.

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Company information

As a professional manufacturer in stone fabrication, we supply wide range of products to Asia, Europe, Northern America, Southern America and Oceania for more than 15 years. Experienced in stone processing, our factory can guarantee timely delivery and comprehensive after-sales services. Specifically, the past 5 years has witnessed a great success in our new range product- stone composite aluminum honeycomb panels. In contrast to traditional building materials, this newly brand composite stone product is lighter and stronger. Additionally, it is more convenient for loading and installation. Thus, it has enjoyed increasing popularity among our customers, and we have also received mounting recognition from architects and professionals.



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