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Ceramic Composite With ALuminum Honeycomb Panel

If you are planning to import customized and quality advanced ceramic honeycomb panels, for high-rise building, wall,panels,ceilings, bathrooms, etc. Thinkrock Stone is one of the professional advanced ceramic honeycomb panels manufacturer, welcome to contact us.

Product Details

Customized Ceramic Honeycomb Panels For Facade Wall, Furniture, Bathroom, etc. 

THINKROCK ceramic honeycomb panel is made by putting together ceramic veneer and aluminum honeycomb panel by using quality two-component PU glue.

ceramic honeycomb panel

Advantage of Ceramic

1. Ceramic panel is coated with photocatalyst solutions, with fully exerts the function of self-cleaning, decomposition, disinfection, mildew resistance, deodorization, dirt resistance and acid rain proof. Specially for hospital surgeries kindergartens, nursing homes etc.

2. Ametabolic, non-fading, resistant attrition, moisture proof, heatproof, fireproof, easy cleaning, non-radiant, no color aberration, durable.

3. Ceramic color is various and stable, providing decorative effect.

4.Ceramic is flexible, is not afraid from the leechdom.  It will neither change because of ultraviolet, rain and snow nor expand after watering.

5.We use very thin ceramic, only 3-4mm, to reduce the total weight.

6.Frost resistance/abrasion resistance

7.Easy to install and remove

8.Light weight, lower cost in transportation and installation.


High-rise building, Wall, Ceilings, Bathrooms, Furniture, Kitchen and balconies . etc.


ceramic composite aluminum honeycomb lightweight panel(1).jpg

Ceramic alternative

ceramic composite aluminum honeycomb lightweight panel(2).jpg


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