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Curved Stone Veneer Honeycomb Panel Manufactures/Stairs/Cladding/Garden Bench

If you are planning to import customized and quality curved stone honeycomb panel manufactures, Thinkrock Stone is one of the professional curved stone honeycomb panel manufactures manufacturers, welcome to contact us. Curved Stone Honeycomb Composite Panel Panel structure and material Gray...

Product Details

Curved Stone Honeycomb Composite Panel 

Panel structure and material

Gray granite composite with aluminum honeycomb panels as the shape of curved.

a)Front and back side: roll formed aluminum face panel
b)Core: hexagonal aluminum honeycomb core
c)Glue: high temperature curing PU glue
d)Edge: closed & unclosed edge
e)Color: RAL international standard color
f)Total thickness: 10、12、15、20、25mm, or customize other thickness
g)Aluminum skin thickness: 0.7-1.0mm or customized.

Surface treatment
PDVF coating / POLY
-excellent wear and abrasion resistance
-excellent resistance to weathering elements in harsh environments
- Self-cleaning coating
-can adopt different surface treatment: polished or brushed texture.
a. Galleries, exhibition saloons, stores, banks, restaurants and apartments
b. Outer and inner walls, ceiling, corner.
c. Furniture

curved stone composite panel(1).jpg

curved stone composite lightweight panel(2)

curved stone composite lightweight panel(4).jpg


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