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Rustic Granite Composite Honeycomb Panel

If you are planning to import customized and quality rustic granite composite honeycomb panel, Thinkrock Stone is one of the professional rustic granite composite honeycomb panel manufacturers, welcome to contact us.We are the foremost producer of high quality natural stone composite panels...

Product Details

´╗┐We are the foremost producer of high quality natural stone composite panels and stone veneers, also we can help you in your design and innovation.

Rustic Granite Composite Honeycomb Panel

Why we choose stone honeycomb panel as wall panel?

Due to overcome the heavy weight, low strength and brittle shortcomings of traditional stone, the stone honeycomb panel has become an important green, new composite building decoration materials.

a. Lightweight--The weight of composite stone panel only takes 1/3 of traditional stone material.
I. Stone honeycomb panel reduce the load of building / elevators / yachts / trains / planes. 
II. Stone honeycomb pane save costs on stone raw material / labor cost / transportation and installation cost.

b. High-strength, Durability and Strong. 
I. Composite with aluminum honeycomb panel greatly improved the resistant impact strength and bending resistance, earthquake resistance. Unlike stone slabs, stone honeycomb panels are ductile and can flex without breaking.
II. Stone sandwich wall panel has good performance in sound attenuation, fire resistance, chemical corrosion and wind load resistance. Long lasting and low maintenance.

c. Beauty of Natural Stone and any kind of stone finish you like.
I. Thousands of natural stone: sandstone, marble, granite, travertine, limestone, or onyx.
II. Available stone finish: polished, honed, flamed, sandblasted, flamed with brushed...

Installation system
-Exterior wall cladding fixing system: GS15T/5
-Stone honeycomb panel ceiling system: GI25


Panel structure and material:
a)Front side: stone material, thickness 3-8mm
b)Back side: aluminum panel with hexagonal aluminum honeycomb core
c)Glue: high temperature curing PU glue
d)Edge: closed & unclosed edge. 

SGS Certificate:
A. Bonding Strength
B. Shear Strength
C. Anchorages Strength
D. Flammability test result is 0
E. Freeze/Thaw(-40 degree to +150 degree)

Our Service: 
We look forward to being of assistance with design and product recommendations from concept to completion.
design layout and joint solution
construction drawings
optimized proposal of architectural systems
installation instruction manual& installation training

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yellow granite composite aluminum honeycomb lightweight panel(2).jpg

yellow granite composite aluminum honeycomb lightweight panel(3).jpg


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