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Sandstone Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Wall Panel

If you are planning to import customized and quality sandstone aluminum honeycomb composite panel, Thinkrock Stone is one of the professional sandstone aluminum honeycomb composite panel manufacturers, welcome to contact us.

Product Details

Sandstone Honeycomb Panel As Wall Panels, building Facade, Facade Cladding( sandstone corner)

The sandstone with its natural characteristics, such as delicate texture, elegant color, good heat insulation and sound absorption

and no radiation, is used in many elegant building works. However, itself weakness impede it to be widely used in building construction.

But with the advent of the sandstone composite panel, its weakness are overcome.


1. Enhancing panel's strength.

2. Improving pull strength of fixing.

3.Reducing cost of transportation and istallation.

4.Reducing weight capability for whole building.

5. Can be used for suspended ceiling decoration.

Details information:

a) Material:Sandstone

b) Front side: stone material, thickness 3-8mm

c) Back side: aluminum panel with hexagonal aluminum honeycomb core

d) Glue: high temperature curing PU glue

e) Edge: closed & unclosed edge. 

f) Surface Finish: Polished 

g) Size: 1200mm x 600mm 

h) Thickness: 10mm-25mm

sandstone composite aluminum honeycomb wall panel.jpgsandstone composite aluminum honeycomb panel.jpg

sandstone composite aluminum honeycomb lightweight panel(3).jpg

sandstone composite aluminum honeycomb lightweight panel(4).jpg

sandstone composite aluminum honeycomb lightweight panel(4).jpg

sandstone composite aluminum honeycomb lightweight panel(6).jpg

Sandstone Color alternative

sandstone composite panel on sale


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