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G603 Composite Aluminum Honeycomb Lightweight Panel

This composite lightweight panel is featured with the face of flamed G603. It is of higher strength and durability. With advanced stone processing machines, Thinkrock Stone is able to provide this composite panel with kinds of edge and surface finishes. If you are in need of this panel, welcome to contact us.

Product Details

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Thinkrock lightweight stone honeycomb panels provide much strength and durability with minimum weight. The lightweight aluminum backing panel is resistant to rust and corrosion. The front side and the back side of the composite panel have much better capability to withstand these environmental elements than solid stones. Overall, characteristics of Thinkrock lightweight stone composite panel are as below: Light weight, Fire proof, Impact resistance, Water proof, Convenient installation and maintenance, Sound attenuation, Heat insulation, Rust and corrosion resistance, Ability to withstand extreme temperature.

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Stone materialG603, aluminum alloy
Brand nameThinkRock
3003 seriesGradeAluminum commercial grade
Cell size3/8"+/-10%Foil thickness70 micron+16/-8 microns
Edge Closed/unclosed

Thickness 60mm+/-0.05Density54kg/m3+/-10%
SGS system: Bonding strength, shear strength, anchorage strength, flammability test result is 0, freeze/thaw (-40 degree to +150 degree)
Quality control
Panel thickness tolerance+/-0.2mmPanel width tolerance+/-2mm
Panel diagonal tolerance+/-5mmPanel length tolerance+/-3mm
Aluminum sheet thickness tolerance+/-0.2mm

Note: The number of holes and the diameter of the hole can be customized.

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Lightweight stone honeycomb panels offer excellent options for almost any construction products where you are looking for light weight, high strength and natural stone face. Our panels use a thin piece of natural stone veneer (typically around 3-5mm thick) which is attached to a special aluminum honeycomb backing panel that provides incredible strength and durability. The two pieces are bonded together with industrial strength glue under high temperature and pressure so that these panels are made to last long.

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granite composite panel on sale

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G603 composite panel

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THINKROCK is a trusted name in the stone industry with good reputation for providing high quality stone products, including natural stone panels and lightweight stone honeycomb panels. We work with architects, construction companies and homeowners to design and construct stone panels that exactly match our customers’ specific requirements. As we can procure stones and are able to design and construct the finished products with our own facilities, we can offer great value and additional discounts on big orders. If you’re looking for stone panels with appearance of natural stone and huge benefits, welcome to contact ThinkRock.  


Why choose us

after overcoming the heavy weight, low strength and brittle shortcomings of solid stone, the stone composite panel has become an important green building decoration materials.

a. Light weight: the weight of composite panel only takes 1/3-1/4 of solid stone;

   -stone honeycomb panel reduce the load of building/elevators/yatchs/trains/planes.

   -stone honeycomb panel can save stone raw materials/labor cost/ transportation and installation cost.

b. High strength, good durability;

  -Aluminum honeycomb composite panel greatly improve the stone's performance in impact resistance and bending resistance.

  -Stone sandwich wall panel has good performance in sound attenuation, fire resistance, chemical corrosion and wind load resistance.

   -Long lasting and low maintenance.

c. Beautiful appearance of natural stone with customized finishes;

   - Natural stone materials: marble, granite, travertine, limestone, quartz, sandstone and onyx.

   - Available stone finishes: polished, honed, flamed, sandblasted, flamed+brushed

Installation system

-Exterior wall fixing system: GS15T/5

-Stone honeycomb panel ceiling system: GI25 

  1. Non-gap joint makes decoration finishes more smooth & beautiful

  2. No any mechanical damage on the surface of the panel

Contact information

Thinkrock Lightweight Panel

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If you are planning to import customized and quality g603 composite aluminum honeycomb lightweight panel, Thinkrock Stone is one of the professional g603 composite aluminum honeycomb lightweight panel manufacturers, welcome to contact us.
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