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Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Lightweight Panel

This lightweight aluminum composite panel offering high strength and great resistance to corrosion and impact, is a preferred choice for facade of high-rise buildings and applications in high-grade interior decorations. It is not only found in commercial cladding applications but also is a favorite for countertops, vanities and flooring.

Product Details

This aluminum honeycomb panel often composites with thin natural stone. The combination of these two is extremely durable and easily maintained and cleaned. Used for ceiling, walling, flooring, It is an excellent construction material for its good performance in impact and flexural resistance. It can be easily installed and maintained. With convenient installation system, this panel can be installed over existing cladding to renovate the property without the need for demolition.


Alloy Cell sizeDensity of aluminumWeight per M2

(thickness of 25mm)

Thickness of 

aluminum face 


Thickness of 


honeycomb core

Thickness of 

aluminum back 




Front/back sideRoll-formed aluminum panelModel numberTRA001


Hexagonal aluminum 

honeycomb core

Place of originChina
GluePolyurethane glue, validity can last for around 30 yearsBrand name


EdgeClosed/ unclosedCertificates

RAL international standard


20 square meters

Aluminum skin thickness

0.7-1.0mm or customized 


Trading termsFOB, CNF, CIF, DDP

10/12/15/20/25mm or

customized thickness

Payment terms

T/T, L/C, D/P

Product pictures

Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Lightweight  Panel(1).jpg

Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Lightweight  Panel(2).jpg

Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Lightweight  Panel(3).jpg

Advantages of lightweight aluminum honeycomb composite panel

a) High tensile and flexural strength, ultra light weight;
b) Clean and practical for dry wall techniques;

c) Quick and easy to install and maintain;

d) Reducing cost of transportation and installation;
e) Can be used for suspended ceiling decoration;
f) Many ways of affixing the stone material, adhesive techniques and suspension systems;
g) Excellent sound attenuation, fire resistance, wind load resistance, chemical corrosion resistance.

Packaging & delivery

Packaging details: Padded with foamed plastics and packed in seaworthy wooden crate.

Delivery time: As per quantity, material and other customized requirements.


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Company information

Thinkrock Stone is a specialized manufacturer in stone fabrication industry. We supply wide range of construction materials, like marble, granite, travertine, sandstone, onyx and quartz to Asia, Europe, Northern America, Southern America and Oceania for more than 15 years. After original design and professional fabrications, these stones are made into all kinds of commercial or household building decoration products. Experienced in stone processing, our factory can guarantee timely delivery and comprehensive after-sales services. Specifically, the past 5 years has witnessed a great success in our new range product- stone composite aluminum honeycomb panels. In contrast to traditional building materials, this newly brand composite stone product is lighter and stronger. Additionally, it is more convenient for loading and installation. Thus, it has enjoyed increasing popularity among our customers, and we have also received mounting recognition from architects and professionals.

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If you are planning to import customized and quality Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Lightweight Panel, Thinkrock Stone is one of the professional Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Lightweight Panel manufacturers, welcome to contact us.


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