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Stone-faced Sandstone Cladding Honeycomb Panel Facade System

Stone-faced Sandstone Cladding Honeycomb Panel Facade System

Lighter & Safer & Stronger

Product Details

    Why Thinkrock's Honeycomb Facade System?

  Sandstone has always been one of the most popular cladding materials due to its unique attractiveness.

However, its fragility and weight limit its extensive use. Good news is, Thinkrock has come up with a new method.

  By combing natural stone with honeycomb panels, Thinkrock uses its new technology to bring five major changes:

  1. Lighter Weight. Only 1/6-1/3 of their solid stone counterparts.

  2. Higher Safety. Thinkrock only uses PU adhesive supplied by H.B. Fuller, make sure the panels and stone stick firmly together for more than 20 years. Lightweight honeycomb panels that are built to last and built to be safe.

  3. Higher Strength. Honeycomb is the strongest structure in the world. No matter 50℃ or -40℃,thousands of tests speak for Thinkrock Quality!

  4. Larger Size. Up to 1.2x2.4m for stone honeycomb panels, even 3.5x2.1m for some luxurious stone.

  5. Lower instrallation & transportation cost. Thinkrock's technical staff have developed different kinds of facade systems for your choice. Work that used to need four adult men, can be done by one teenage boy now.

  Thinkrock, specializes in builiding products for the future!

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