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Advantage Of Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

- Jun 06, 2016 -

· The weight of composite stone panel only takes 1/3 of traditional stone material.

· Easy to transport and install, and could be re-trimmed in jobsite, reduce various aspects of costs and installation time in project construction.

· Less thickness, less environment impact

· Reducing the use of raw material during its production.

· Reducing the use of packageing.

· Reducing the cost of transportation

· Reducing the cost of manual handling cost/labor cost.

· Using the natural stone as surfacing material – Granite,Marble,Limestone, Travertine,Sandstone, Onyx…

· Any kind of finishes is available-polished,honed,flamed,hammered or sandblasted.

· Easier color blending and matching.

· Adapting the high strength honeycomb backing laminate makes the stone panel super solid and incredibly strong.

· Natural stone surface composite with aluminum ply have good flexural strength, will not warp like many 75px stones.

· Good performance in sound attenuation, fire resistance, chemical corrosion and wind load resistance.

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