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What Does ThinkRock Lightweight Panel Do

- Jul 28, 2017 -

ThinkRock Lightweight Panel supplies wide range of lightweight panels and composite panels, inclusive of stone composite aluminum honeycomb panels, stone composite glass panels, wood composite aluminum honeycomb panels, calcium-plastic board composite stone panels, ceramic composite stone panels and textile composite stone panels. Situated in the international stone gallery paradise, Fujian Shuitou, our factory have accesses to all kinds of stones, from the commonest granite, marble, travertine, sandstone to luxurious onyx and agate. We are able to cater for any kind of composite design requirements. Safer, lighter, stronger, composite panels provide high-rise building with enhanced performance in fire resistance and impact resistance. It would be more convenient for the installation and maintenance. With ultra-thin stone as panel face, composite panel can reduce the demand for more luxurious stone material and make the most of precious stone resources. Application of lightweight composite panel is surely a cost-saving and labor-saving practice.


Apart from the quality composite panel products, we also enjoy a 15-year experience in export of stone products. Thus, our sales team have developed a comprehensive product knowledge system and are able to provide professional guidance for any kind of installation and maintenance problems. 

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