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Your Concerns Matter Most------News For Countertops (2)

- Jul 25, 2017 -

Good day, our dear customers. Here is the news today for the series of Countertops. Wish it would be helpful for you. Specific information is as follows.

Q: what is the tolerance for uniformity of overhangs of stone countertops?

A: there is no specified tolerance for this dimension. There has been discussion of establishing a tolerance for it, but an overhang is non-uniform in a countertop installation is that the walls, ca’blish a tolerance for our own industry which we have no control. It is perhaps a more common problem in remodel work than it is in new construction. It is also more difficult to control in remodeling work, since the fabricator is usually taking field measurements when the existing countertops are still in place. The overhang dimension is not a critical element of aesthetics or performance unless it varies by extreme amounts.


Q: We have some etching in a Dakota Mahogany countertop where a customer accidentally spilled some rust remover on the surface. How can this happen? I know that rust removers contain some acid, but I thought granites wouldn’t etch due to acid.

A: Granites will resist attack from many types of acid. However many rust removers contain hydrofluoric acid (HF). Hydrofluoric acid attacks silicates, and will attack the major mineral components of a true granite. If you remember back in your high school chemistry lab days, there was one acid in the cabinet stored in a plastic bottle, because if stored in a glass bottle it would eat the glass. That was hydrofluoric acid. Glass and granite are both silicates and have similar vulnerabilities.

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