• Nov , 20 2021

    How to choose the countertops for kitchen

    1. Nature stone coutertops Advantages: natural texture is better looking, cheap, granite countertops are used, high hardness and not afraid of wear. Disadvantages: It is difficult to handle the seams, and it is not easy to make styling. 2. Pure acrylic countertop Advantages: Absolutely impermeable, seamless splicing, arbitrary shape, very good toughness, basically no breakage, etc. Disadvantages: ...
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  • Nov , 15 2021

    What is the use range of marble composite panel

    The performance characteristics of the marble composite panel are quite different due to the different composite bottom plates. According to different use requirements and use parts, it is necessary to use composite boards with different bottom plates. 1. The scope of application of aluminum honeycomb panel for bottom The special properties of aluminum honeycomb panels make it more useful for dry ...
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  • Oct , 22 2021

    What's advantages of Stone Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panel

    The stone honeycomb composite panel is a kind of stone composite panel with natural stone as the panel and composite aluminum honeycomb panel as the support. It is used as a revolutionary material for outdoor curtain walls and interior decoration, and has unparalleled advantages. 1.Light weight: the weight is only 1/3 of the same size stone 2.High rigidity: impact resistance is 60 times that of ro...
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  • Oct , 18 2021

    How to protect of stone wash basin

    Wash basin is part of home decoration, and is also the most often used place in daily life.Natural stone is generally chosen as the wash basin, and some problems will be found in the process; a hundred spots or whiteboard, no gloss after a period of time and so on.In fact, these are common phenomena caused by improper care,Then how should we take care of the countertop of the washbasin. First of a...
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  • Oct , 12 2021

    How to maintain the black stone

    Because the stone is more atmospheric grade, so a lot of people will use in the decoration of stone as some parts of the decoration.Among them, black stone is which people the most like to use, because black belongs to the versatile, and black stone gives a person the feeling is more stable and noble. 1. After using for a period of time, be sure you must pay attention to see if the pores on the st...
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  • Oct , 06 2021

    Why Ultra-thin stone is good

    100% natural stone surface + backboard. Ultra-thin stone is not an imitation stone product. It uses the stratification of the rock and uses nanotechnology to peel off the natural rock. It completely retains the natural texture and texture of the stone. The texture lines are unique, which is not imitation stone products, film printed product lines. Performance: 1. Ultra-thin, ultra-light, easy to c...
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  • Sep , 28 2021

    What is natural stone composite panel?

    Natural stone composite panel comprised of a thin stone veneer and an aluminum honeycomb backing. Our natural stone panels are the perfect choice for exterior, interior, and renovation applications.  The thin stone veneer can be marble,granite,onyx,travertine,limestone,etc. The backing material is aluminum honeycomb panel,PVC material,glass, ceramic tile,etc.  The feature of st...
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  • Sep , 19 2021

    What is size recommended for the stone aluminum honeycomb panel?

    Thin stone aluminum honeycomb panel usually use the 3-5mm stone slab, 10-25mm Aluminum honeycomb board,after special adhesive to composite together. For outdoor wall ,we recommended stone aluminum honeycomb panels of a stone plates thickness on 4-5mm,the Aluminum honeycomb board thickness not less than 25mm. For interior walls, the recommended stone thickness of 3-4mm, aluminum honeycomb plate thi...
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  • Sep , 12 2021

    What is the travertine composite Aluminium honeycomb?

    Type: composite panel Application: exterior wall for building Natural stone surface: beige travertine  Backing Material: Aluminium honeycomb panel Thinkrock provide natrual stone travertine luxury marble granite quartz etc composite with honeycomb backing for wall and flooring elevator,etc. 
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