• Aug , 04 2022

    The advantages of stone aluminum honeycomb composite panels

    The stone aluminum honeycomb panel product is a stone product made by bonding the stone and the aluminum honeycomb panel with an adhesive. This product has been born in China for more than 20 years. The development situation is not very ideal, far from other stone products. The output of China is large, and the total output of the country is also very small. The concentrated production areas are m...
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  • Jul , 28 2022

    Structural plate analysis of honeycomb panels

    At present, the common honeycomb structure panels on the market mainly include the following: aluminum honeycomb panels, wooden honeycomb panels, stone honeycomb panels, fabric honeycomb panels, stainless steel honeycomb panels, glass honeycomb panels, titanium-zinc honeycomb composite panels, etc. 1. Stone honeycomb composite board △ Stone and honeycomb panel composite diagram The surface of the ...
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  • Jun , 29 2022

    What is aluminum honeycomb composite panel?

    What is Honeycomb Composite Panel? Let's talk about the material of the honeycomb board systematically, mainly from the following aspects:  1.What is a honeycomb panel? Aluminum honeycomb panel is a high-strength new environmentally friendly building composite material developed according to the principle of honeycomb structure bionics. Then why is it not called "bird's nest board"? If you lo...
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  • Jun , 23 2022

    What thickness of Stone honeycomb panel

    Stone aluminum honeycomb plate is generally made of 3-5mm stone, 10-25mm aluminum honeycomb plate, combined by special adhesive bonding. For the external curtain wall, it is recommended that the stone aluminum honeycomb panel thickness is 4-5mm,. The aluminum honeycomb panel thickness is not less than 25mm. For interior wall stickers, the recommended stone thickness of 3-4mm, aluminum honeycomb pl...
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  • Dec , 29 2021

    What is technical performance of ultra-thin stone honeycomb composite panel?

    Ultra-thin stone honeycomb composite board is a new type of building material, which has better impact resistance than ordinary natural stone. It is only 8-11 kilograms per square meter, which is 1/7 of the weight of ordinary natural stone, but its compressive strength 3 to 5 times of natural stone, completely overcome the defects of natural stone such as heavy weight and fragility, and a new gene...
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  • Dec , 16 2021

    What is The use of stone in villa decoration

    Fashion and elegance, high-quality texture, is the intuitive feeling that marble gives people, and its own artistic sense is much loved by people. This villa uses marble incisively and vividly. The door covers, walls, and floors of the public areas are all made of marble as raw materials, and a large number of natural white snowflakes are used. With expensive cloisonne, Amazon green, agate stone a...
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  • Nov , 20 2021

    How to choose the countertops for kitchen

    1. Nature stone coutertops Advantages: natural texture is better looking, cheap, granite countertops are used, high hardness and not afraid of wear. Disadvantages: It is difficult to handle the seams, and it is not easy to make styling. 2. Pure acrylic countertop Advantages: Absolutely impermeable, seamless splicing, arbitrary shape, very good toughness, basically no breakage, etc. Disadvantages: ...
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  • Nov , 15 2021

    What is the use range of marble composite panel

    The performance characteristics of the marble composite panel are quite different due to the different composite bottom plates. According to different use requirements and use parts, it is necessary to use composite boards with different bottom plates. 1. The scope of application of aluminum honeycomb panel for bottom The special properties of aluminum honeycomb panels make it more useful for dry ...
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  • Oct , 22 2021

    What's advantages of Stone Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panel

    The stone honeycomb composite panel is a kind of stone composite panel with natural stone as the panel and composite aluminum honeycomb panel as the support. It is used as a revolutionary material for outdoor curtain walls and interior decoration, and has unparalleled advantages. 1.Light weight: the weight is only 1/3 of the same size stone 2.High rigidity: impact resistance is 60 times that of ro...
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