What are the main factors affecting the price of stone?
April 21,2021
The application of stone in the decoration has been very mature, with the use of more and more, we will involve the problem of customized stone in the decoration, just like home customization.
Ordinary consumers to the stone market to select the process, but will be very surprised why the price of stone is so expensive?
It is not a stone, how can such a high price, the general hundreds, better point also thousands of thousands?

We're going to talk about that today.

First of all, we have to understand a big pattern of stone.
The stone market is a large worldwide market, which is not regional. The stones from all over the world gather in one country, and the geographical difference makes the total variety of stones dazzling.
The largest stone markets in China are Shuitou in Nan 'an, Fujian Province, and Yunfu in Guangdong Province, where the stones from home and around the world are gathered, and then the stones from these two markets are extended to all parts of the country.
The types of domestic local stone are relatively few, coupled with the restrictions of national policies, so the types and quantities of domestic itself are relatively limited.

A piece of stone is mined from the original stone mountain to form the square material, which is transported to the cutting factory to cut and polish the wool plate formed by the mirror, and then transported together with the wool plate to Shuitou and Yunfu along the coast of China through transportation.
The major domestic market, in Shuitou and Yunfu to pick material and then through the transportation of the material to their own market, and then the market to the smaller market to radiation.
Stone material is roughly such a way of distribution, of course, there are small markets to water head and Yunfu feed.
After the material to the market, each stone market for the decoration market will do design and processing to sell stone.
The final decoration will be completed.

Stone mining, transportation, storage, processing, stores, personnel, installation, mirror, etc., involved in the level of the more, the more hands that stone wool board itself price will be higher, with their own stores and staff costs, part of the reasonable profits, so the stone from its humble now worth one hundred times.
But because of the particularity of stone, its design, processing, transportation and installation need professional personnel to carry out, so the processing and installation costs involved in stone are more expensive than ceramic tiles.

The kind of stone material is different, the acceptance of the market is higher, the board is better, the pattern is more pure more the price that has artistic conception is more on the high side.
So when we enter the stone market when the price will be relatively high.

The quotation of stone material generally includes: material cost, processing cost, transportation cost, installation cost, mirror cost, etc.
Material and transport mirror and the amount of material related, processing and installation of stone modeling more complex processing more, the cost will be more.

Stone prices in an area is relatively stable, are basically in line with the local level of consumption.
And the price range of the material is still relatively large, we need to choose the stone according to their own needs and decoration budget to reasonable choice of stone types and the scope of use.

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