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  • What is marble composite honeycomb panel

    June 6,2022.

    What is marble composite honeycomb panel

    3-8mm thick stone veneer + 15mm Aluminum Honeycomb Panel (also available with different thicknesses of Aluminum Honeycomb such as 6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm, 19mm, 25mm, or other custom specifications) - Available in nearly every Granite, Marble, Onyx, Travertine, Limestone, Sandstone, or Quartzite, in any available finish the stone allows (i.e. Honed, Polished, Brushed, etc). - 1/3 the shipping requirements of traditional 2cm stone - Increase in project safety through lighter, more easily controlled and dispersed stone solutions. The thickness of the veneer stone of the stone composite aluminum honeycomb panel, the matte surface and the mirror panel are generally 3mm~5mm, and the rough panel is generally 5mm~8mm. The thickness of the honeycomb panel can be determined according to different uses and design requirements. When used as exterior wall panels, the thickness is usually above 15mm. Due to the thinning of the thickness of the veneer stone and the advantages of the honeycomb panel structure itself, such as light weight, high strength and good rigidity, the stone composite aluminum honeycomb panel not only has the surface effect of the stone, but also has the performance that the general stone cannot have. High mechanical properties such as plane tensile strength, interlaminar shear resistance, and bending stiffness. In terms of deformation resistance and impact resistance, the impact strength of 2mm stone composite aluminum honeycomb panels is about twice that of 3mm thick stone. You can use ordinary processing tools to cut and install the molded products that need to be trimmed on the spot, and can be made into various types of shapes, with smooth lines and beautiful appearance.
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  • What are stone composite panels


    What are stone composite panels

    Ultra-thin stone composite panel is made of adhesive bonding of two or more different plates.  Surface material is natural stone,such as marble,onyx,luxury stone,granite,sandstone etc. The backing material can be ceramic tile,stone, glass or aluminum honeycomb and so on. It is composite sandwich panels structure. 1. Classify by base material : a. Stone honeycomb composite panels b. Stone composite fiberglass panels c. Stone with PVC composite panels d. Stone composite ceramic panels e. Stone acrylic composite panel f. other stone composite panels More types of composite panel board can see the lightweight composite panels.
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  • What are the difference between original stone marble and composite marble


    What are the difference between original stone marble and composite marble

    Marble has always been the natural decoration material in the residential decoration, and to now it is still very high quality decoration material, because it is pure natural, but also very environmental friendly. The general decoration will be used with it, but the marble is divided into the original stone and composite marble, so what is different between the them? 1.Natural and less radioactive  General natural stone, not after high temperature sintering, will contain some trace radioactive elements, will inevitably have an impact on human experience. The composite marble is low, even no, basically harmless to the body.  2.Good wear resistance Generally, the primary stone strength is low and prone to damage in installation and later use. Composite marble solves the above problems, composite marble strength is good. More wear-resistant, more suitable sites. 3.The overall color difference is consistent.  Pure natural unprocessed marble has large color difference due to rock time and different depth. The composite marble is cut into multiple sheets with stone raw stone and composite with ceramic tiles and other materials, pattern and color transition is natural, and it is easier to ensure the use of a large area, to achieve the consistency of color and pattern. 4.More styles  Composite marble greatly improves the strength of the marble, so it can make many sizes and colors that the ordinary marble cannot be made, greatly improving the application scope of the marble. 5.High bending strength Natural stone due to natural formation, material time, weathering, resulting in different tightness and strength; composite marble is pressed by thousands of tons of hydraulic machine, and then sintering at high temperature of above 1200℃, high strength, good tightness, low water absorption rate, good folding resistance, crack resistance and bending strength. The above is the difference between the original stone and composite marble with you probably. Generally the original stone is commonly used in the indoor decoration surface, belongs to the hard stone. A few such as white marble, mugwort leaf green and other impurities less, which is high purity varieties can be used outdoors most ground tiles, wall tiles multi-use composite marble. Thinkrock stone is a best choice supplier of stone to choose the composite marble for you.
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